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Wilderness Camping

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Are you looking for a camping experience with a difference? An escape from the pace and trappings of modern life? If the answer may be yes, then our wilderness camping might be just the thing for you. Escape the 21st century for a few days and camp in the wilds of the west of Poland. Pitch your tent on our own privately owned land, which is located totally away from anyone or anything manmade! Get right back to nature and spend some time completely out of sight and sound of other parties. 

Wilderness camping is an intense hard-core form of camping. You will not see any campsite employees or other campers; there are no houses in sight; no cabins, no plumbed-in showers or toilets on site. During wilderness camping, you pitch a tent deep in the Polish countryside and are left to fend for yourself.  Nobody will come along in the middle of the night and tell you "to get off their land" - we own this bit of wilderness! No-one will disturb you in your quest for peace, quiet, and a simpler way of life.  Campers on our wilderness camping experience should aim to "leave no trace" of their being there after they leave.  You are, however, free to start your campfire, and do whatever else you need or wish. We provide campers with free firewood and you can always come back to our basecamp (10 kms away) for a shower and water.  Complete freedom, and an escape from modern life, almost! 

Some important things to remember about our Back-to-Nature camping adventures:

    • Carry out everything you bring in.

    • Don't leave trash that may spoil another person's visit.

    • Build a fire only in the firepit provided.

    • Keep your campfire small and tend to it at all times.

    • Use the firewood we provide.

    • Never cut or damage live trees.

    • Bury human waste at least 200 feet from water sources.

We are located just over one hour's drive east of Berlin, and one hour west of Poznan in the picturesque province of Lubuskie (former Brandenburg / Pomerania) in the far west of Poland. The area is perfect for nature lovers: rivers, lakes, cycle paths, and forests full of wildlife.

Wilderness Camping Rates:

Single tent (up to 2-person): 10 per day.

Children 4yrs -16yrs : 2.50

Fees for Camping Equipment Hire:

Tent (2-person): 5 per day.

Gas Stove with crockery/cooking pots etc for 2 people: 5 per day.

Basic Fishing equipment kit: 5 per day.

Other items, please ask for a quote.

- We can hire canoes and kayaks from March to October.
- Advice on routes, camping sites on route, and maps freely available.
- Return trip for you and kayaks/canoes by arrangement.

Advance booking is essential throughout the season. 


Photographs of the region: Lubuskie, Poland

Land Rover owners, geocachers, naturists, and wildlife lovers especially welcomed!


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